What do you need to think out before creating an outdoor sign

The sign briefly provides the passerby with the first information about the company or institution. It will tell a lot about this institution, much more than we assume. Its purpose has two directions – informational and advertising. It is also called the business card of the company, because it contains all its data. It should correspond to the specified parameters and attract the attention of passersby. People make many purchases spontaneously, so the task of advertising design is to draw the person’s attention to this product or service and make it a consumer of this product. Before creating a sketch, you need to carefully consider where it will hang, whether it will be visible from everywhere, how it will be read from different sides. It appearance should please the reader’s eyes and convey all the information about the advertised company.

Depending on the shape, flat and three-dimensional structures are distinguished. By the presence or absence of illumination on the light and non-illuminated. LED modules are used for interior lighting of light models, and when using outdoor lighting, they use spotlights, halogen lamps or economy lamps.

Light signs are subdivided into structures using volumetric light letters and light boxes. Below are the main types of signs.

Light facade signs:

lightboxes – budget option, the most common type;

light letters – expensive advertising, but the goal justifies the means;

letters from stainless steel – advertising business class, representative and durable;

Thin light panels:

framelights – for quick image change, for posters, menus, ads;

acrylics – glowing engraving, used to promote a brand;

crystallite – with a bright luminous edge, used in the windows of banks, cafes, bars;

street thin light panels, which are used on the street in the form of signs.

Non-light information signs:

flat – made of plastic and composite on a metal frame;

information of plastic or aluminum – are used for enterprises, offices, cafes, etc .;

firewall (banner stretching) – for image, social advertising and information.

Color accents in advertising

Effective visual contact with a person has a range of colors used in advertising. It acts psychologically at a deep level on his perception. Therefore, great attention is paid to the search for joyful, bright colors in creating an image. The potential consumer will surely pay attention to such an image. Color contributes to the memorability of advertising, its individual elements, creates a positive attitude to the advertised information. Professional designers will help you to choose subtleties of all colors.

Fonts and their meaning

Outdoor advertising is perceived over long distances, in tens of meters. Accordingly, the font size, image contrast and color brightness are selected. Specialized custom signs nyc companies will provide professional advice and some tips on a case-by-case basis for your ad to have a financial return.

The choice of signage depends on many circumstances that influence the formation of the sign itself, its color, shape, size, image. To do this, the designer thinks of the light and color solution, selects the font and selects the necessary type of design, which will give even the necessary information with its form. In order for the sign to be able to fully work on the promotion of your business, you must use the services of a professional designer. You need to look for designers who have gained experience, which made them professionals in the creation of advertising signs. Only they will be able to advise which color, font, shape, material to use and perform their work at the highest level.

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