How to Make Your Car Photography Look Like This

Car photography is a sharp learning curve, with the incline coming primarily in post-production. A tutorial like this can save you incredible amounts of time learning techniques.

I am a complete petrol-head. When I got in to photography for the first time, it was because of a car forum I was a part of. I was convinced in my early days of owning a 350D and a kit lens that my equipment was the reason my car photos were bland; it wasn’t. The editing phase of car photography, particularly in the last 5 years or so, has become crucial and somewhat revolutionary to the final product.

One photographer who seems to perfectly walk the line between render and photography with automotive imagery is Damian Plisko.

His editing style might be a little heavy on some of his images for the tastes of many — I’m even on the fence myself with a couple of the dramatic changes — but his more subtle edits like the image of the Chiron in this tutorial, lead to spectacular and believable results. In this video, Damian Plisko guests on Moe Zainal’s channel and walks you through how he transforms a flat and basic image of an incredible car, and turns it in to a wall-worthy piece of art.

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