Engagement Ring Guide: How To Choose A Diamond

Diamond jewelry is a piece that is always at the peak of popularity. Their relevance is timeless and beyond the trends of fickle fashion. The only thing that is affected by the trends of modern style is the color and size of the stones. So what gold jewelry with a diamond is considered to be the most fashionable today?

Just a couple of years ago, at the peak of popularity were earrings, pendants and rings made of gold with diamonds in pink and yellow shades. But today the most stylish stones are diamonds in white and black colors. At the same time, jewelry pieces with colorless stones are considered to be the most fashionable and sophisticated. This color range indicates the true purity of the diamond. That is why the jewelry pieces with colorless stones are much more valuable, exclusive, and stylish than the earrings or the ring with the yellow diamond. You can also find the strangest engagement rings in the stores.

The main fashion trend today is women’s and men’s rings with diamonds of impressive size. Massive, eye-catching jewelry has long ceased to be a sign of bad taste or bad manners. The main thing is not to go overboard with the jewelry. If you wear simultaneously earrings and rings with diamonds of non-standard sizes, it will look not very relevant, but one piece of jewelry with a large stone in a duet with a restrained outfit is a real must have for a stylish and successful person.

However, it is not that easy to buy such a piece of jewelry these days: stores and boutiques are mostly offering fine jewelry pieces with a scattering of small stones. The best way out of this situation is the custom vancouver engagement rings. When you turn to a trusted jeweler,such as Luxury Diamonds, you will get a piece of modern design and excellent quality.

Fake diamond: how to spot a fake?

Diamond jewelry is not a very cheap pleasure. Unfortunately, some stores and pseudo-boutiques today want to make money not only by marking up crazy percentages to the cost of the product, but also by selling fake jewelry. It often happens that the earrings or gold filigree engagement rings, the price of which is high enough, are actually fake.

When buying gold diamond jewelry, identifying a fake stone is easy enough if you follow some of our tips. Keep in mind that a fake diamond is an artificially created stone. This means that you won’t see any natural formations in it that are characteristic of a real stone. When deciding on a casual or engagement ring, an earring or a pendant, look closely at the stone with a magnifying glass; if you cannot find a single speck, it is most likely a fake.

Another elementary way to check the authenticity of a diamond is simply to put it in water. The real stone will sparkle in the water and shine with unbelievable reflections, but a fake one will fade and become almost invisible. If you are offered to buy diamond earrings or exclusive diamond rings at a very low price, it’s a real suggestion. The authenticity of such a stone should be checked. To do this, you can rub the “diamond” with something hard. The real, natural stone should be unharmed, but a fake will have some scratches on its surface.

Another method to check the authenticity of a diamond is to come in to buy jewelry with a specialist. If you like earrings or triple stone engagement rings, and you doubt whether the stone is real, take an experienced jeweler with you to the store. It will save you from the reckless purchase of a fake stone to purchase custom diamond jewelry from a trusted company. An experienced, renowned jeweler will not only give you a unique, custom-designed piece of jewelry, but also assurance of the authenticity of the stone. If you want to find the best custom options, you can check out the Luxury Diamonds store.

How do I choose a diamond ring?

If you want to buy a diamond engagement ring or an ordinary everyday jewelry piece set with a gemstone, there are several important parameters to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry. First of all, you must decide on the color of the metal of which the item is made. It should be chosen based on personal preferences, the shade of your skin and the color of jewelry you usually wear. Despite the progressive fashion trends, rings on one hand of white and yellow gold do not look quite harmonious. A great way out in this situation is to order a ring with a design that combines two metals of different colors. Then a wedding or engagement ring with a diamond will harmonize with the jewelry in standard yellow and pink gold shades as well as in platinum and white gold.

When choosing a stone cut and setting for a diamond, you need to consider the lifestyle you lead. Before you choose a diamond ring, keep in mind that even the highest quality and most expensive piece of jewelry can break if it is not used properly.

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