Costa Brava: cool, affordable villas and other features of life on the coast

This coast is called one of the most impressive regions in Spain – and it’s true! The Costa Brava is ready to surprise, enchant and conquer the hearts and minds of those who appreciate the exceptional beauty of nature, combined with a rich historical heritage and magnificent ecology. In this region at any time you can find a place where it is easy to be isolated in the bosom of nature or, conversely, to plunge into the rhythm of the big city and the accompanying abundance of opportunities offered. The Costa Brava really has it all. And all it has is the best that nature and modernity have to offer for a great life. Snow-capped mountain peaks and sandy beaches, hidden coves where you can hide from all over the world, and a long coastline with a rich entertainment infrastructure, skyscrapers and ancient castles – the contrasts are plenty to see!

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The Costa Brava is a very diverse city from modern Barcelona to the ancient Roman Tossa de Mar, ancient Greek Ampouriez and medieval Begur. Technically, Barcelona does not belong to the coast, the extreme south point of which is the bordering suburbs of Blanes, but we will not pay attention to such moments, but focus on the main thing. The fact that from any point of the Costa Brava to Barcelona is no more than 2 hours away, and to the south of France and even less is a fact with which you can not argue. As well as the fact that the climate here is almost perfect.

The climate in the north of the southeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula…

This region is considered one of the best in Spain in terms of weather conditions. There is no debilitating heat in summer and severe cold in winter, although the snow on the peaks and slopes of the Pyrenees is dense. At this time, the local ski resorts attract winter sports enthusiasts from all over Europe and more. The beach season on the Costa Brava lasts from June to the end of September. It is always 2-3 degrees cooler than the more southern resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, so in summer here like to relax those who can not bear the scorching heat. The average temperature on the Costa Brava in the summer months is around 26-28 C °. Why is it cooler here? This is due to the influence of the mountains and the cold current coming from Gibraltar, which warms up the water on the Costa Brava longer and the bathing season starts later.

The favourable climate is complemented by local thermal springs, which have spa and wellness facilities. A wellness holiday on the Costa Brava offers plenty of opportunities to improve your health, from the above, to fine dining with plenty of local seafood, to breathtaking natural beauty, the contemplation of which is as much influenced by a dozen massages.

Costa Brava real estate and other properties

Both holidays in general and real estate on the Costa Brava are considered more budget compared to, for example, the Costa Dorada, where the resort infrastructure is confined to “package holidays”, and hotels and entertainment centers so much that behind this abundance is sometimes so difficult to see something natural and natural. Although it is also worth noting the mallorca luxury property, because it has a higher value and return on investment.

Among the foreign buyers of Spanish property in this region – a lot of French, British and other Europeans. Apartments, houses and villas on the Costa Brava by the sea and among our compatriots are very popular. The cost of housing is not the highest in Spain, living conditions – excellent, so the popularity of the region among foreign investors is not surprising.

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